Adrián Aguilar-González

Graduated as an Architect from VERITAS University (2002), and as Master in Tropical Architecture from University of Costa Rica (2015), which focuses on interdisciplinary studies that include bioclimatic techniques, the use of renewable energies and sustainable design applied to the architecture. He has studied Hotel Planning and Design at Cornell University, New York, United States of America. Some of his work with the firm has been exhibited at the London Festival of Architecture 2010, in England. He has also been a guest speaker at Glasgow Institute of Architects (2015) to exhibit his work.

Laura Soto-Bernardini

Graduated from VERITAS University (2002) and obtained an Honors Degree in the Master of Landscaping and Site Design from University of Costa Rica (2008). Laura is active member of the Association of Landscape Architects of Costa Rica [ASOPAICO] since 2007, and has been recognized with the Landscape Architecture Prize and the Maranta Prize during the X Biennial of Architecture of Costa Rica (2010) and the second place in the same category in 2012. Has been invited as a Jury at the International Biennial of Architecture of Costa Rica, organized by the College of Architects of Costa Rica.

Andrea Sancho Salas

Graduated as Architect from the University of Costa Rica, with emphasis on bioclimatic design and energy simulation, and Postgraduate Studies in natural and artificial lighting design at Universidad VERITAS. Is Candidate for a Master’s Degree in Tropical Architecture from the University of Costa Rica. She also has postgraduate studies in the Master of Technological Innovation, Polytechnic University of Madrid.
Andrea has extensive experience as an architect in sustainable construction projects, simulation and energy efficiency and design of artificial and natural lighting. In addition, she is Professor and researcher at the Tropical Architecture Laboratory of the University of Costa Rica.

Paula Badilla Arroyo

Graduated as Architect from the University of Costa Rica, is Candidate for Master degree in Tropical Architecture at the same institution. She completed the program “Planning and Living in Cities” from the Master of Urban Studies of the University of Amsterdam. Experienced as an architect in sustainable construction projects and life cycle assessment of buildings. Currently, she collaborates with the Tropical Architecture Laboratory at the University of Costa Rica, as Researcher in the fields of bioclimatic architecture, carbon footprint in construction and energy efficiency. She has national and international experience in public and private bidding and construction project management. She is also professor at Universidad Veritas in topics related to sustainable architecture.

Luis Carlos Sánchez Picado

Graduated from VERITAS University (2002), has developed extensive experience in conception, design, planning, budget control and project construction. Luis Carlos has experience in supervising personnel and contractors, control of expenses and work progress in order to ensure the quality of projects. Also collaborates in the creation of strategies for marketing and selling projects, as well as in technical solution of the firm’s projects and their respective technical specifications.

Jahaira Artavia Marín

Graduated from Universidad Latina (2017). Has experience in the development of integrated building models (BIM). Jahaira has a high sensibility for Urban Architecture, developing her thesis «Urban Trap Study: Lindora Case». She has taken an appraisal course at the College of Architects of Costa Rica.